Festivals: call for entries

Film Festival "Nomad 2023: A Living Land": Call for entries

The Film Festival “Nomad 2023: A Living Land” is organized by the Communications and Media Department of the University of Central Asia to be held in Naryn, Kyrgyzstan. The Film Festival aims to provide a platform for emerging filmmakers contributing to the development of the film industry throughout Central Asia. 


Cinema Department: Continuation of the contest of scripts (2023_kg)

Temir Birnazarov's master-class: 2023_kg


First name Taalaikan
Last name Abazova
Gender Female
Date of birth 16 February 1971



1994 «Taranchi» by E.Abdyjaparov
1995 «Stoppage» by A.Arym Kubat
1997 «Janor kush»
1997 «Bosogo» by E.Abdyjaparov
2003 «Saratan» by E.Abdyjaparov
2004 «Trunk of ascendants» by N.Egen
2004 «Apamdyn mahabaty» E.Ryspaev
2005 «Okuya» by M.Baydjiev
2007 «Tengri» by Mary de Ponshvile
2009 «Light thief» by A.Arym Kubat
2009 «Uzulbogon uzongu» by T.Ibraimov
2009 «Mittens» by A.Cherikbaev
2009 «Thank you» by R.Akunov